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Using Tapioca

What can I use Tapioca for?

Tapioca at this moment uses google to search for Malayalam unicode pages. In the last two years, more and more malayalam unicode content is becoming available on the web, such as blogs (web logs), news sites and even the wikipedia encyclopedia in malayalam.

Do I need a special font to use Tapioca?

You need a malyalam unicode font to use Tapioca. Most newer computers (technically, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or newer) are already installed with a malayalam unicode font. If you are not one of the lucky ones, see
this page on how to install a malayalam font.

What malayalam word shall I first try on Tapioca?

Enter a common malayalam word such as kEraLam or malayaaLam and press the search button. You will be surprised by the number of result pages. Since malayalam web content is still in its infancy, the number of webpages in malayalam are limited and therefore uncommon words may not find any suitable search result. That said, many times you will be surprised!.

How do I write the Manglish for Tapioca?

Well, it is not that difficult!. See the table on the home page or click here. For some examples, try here.

About Tapioca

Why is this site called Tapioca?

There is a story: See
this page.

Who made Tapioca?

My name is Thomas P John and I made Tapioca as a hobby. For your information, I do not do web development as my day job.

Why did you make Tapioca?

Although there are many solution to write in Malayalam such as Varamozhi or the Keyman, and consequently many methods to use these tools to input malayalam into a search text box, I felt the need for a easy to use and "out of the box" solution for the rest of us. This is the motivation for Tapioca. Note: If only I could make the font install also transparent.

Can I send you feedback?

Indeed. Click here. Thanks in advance for your feedback

Will this F.A.Q get longer?

Oh, Yes!. As I get more questions!

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