About Tapioca

Tapioca aims to make internet searches in malayalam accessible for the "rest of us". Tapioca started of in 2003 as a desire to search the malayalam news sites. Unfortunately, I have not been able to dedicate sufficient time to this project in the last 3 years. Resulting in this release, three years later with limited functionality (i.e. unicode only). See the Wish list and frequently asked questions for more information on Tapioca.

Why the name Tapioca?

In Malayalam, തപ്പിയോക്ക (tha-ppi-yo-kka) is the abbreviated spoken form of തപ്പി നോക്കുകയാണ് (tha-ppi no-kku-ka-yaa-nu) which roughly translates in English to "(I am) searching for".

While hunting for a name for the malayalam search engine, തപ്പിയോക്ക seemed a good choice since it was contemporary, funny and to the point -- search!.

The art work of Tapioca is inspired by the Malayalee urban legend which claims that the english word Tapioca derives from the Malayalam തപ്പിയോക്ക. The story behind the legend claims that an european in Kerala once came across a native crouching on the ground, digging under a rather thin and tall plant. Curious to understand what was going on, the european asked the native what he was doing. To which, the native answered തപ്പിയോക്ക (I am searching for...). The european mistook the native's utterance for the name of the plant and thereby the english name Tapioca!.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia invalidates the Mallu claim-to-fame as it states that the word Tapioca originates from the Tupi-Guarani language of Brazil [Link]

NB: Unlike its meaning in Kerala, Tapioca is not the crop itself, but a produce of dried cassava.

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