Tapioca search has retired

Tapioca's Manglish to Malayalam convertor is still available here to help you write in Malayalam.

Hi there!,

Tapioca was an unique website for Malayalam internet users when it was launched in 2006. It has been 6 years since!

In the last years, we saw the arrival of other Malayalam search engines like the wonderful Google Malayalam search. Even then, there were a few die-hards who still used Tapioca. However, due to some recent changes in the frame embedding policies of Google, Tapioca has stopped working on most browsers.

Although Tapioca served us well, I think this is the right moment to encourage you, my die-hard friend, to move to Google Malayalam which offers a great alternative for Tapioca.

However, if you still feel you need to see back Tapioca, or need to contact me, please send me a message.

A lot of messages might encourage me to re-design Tapioca that it works again!. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

2 November 2012

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